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Concierge Dentistry

Dr. Matthew Ryan shaking hands with a patient

Making Dental Care More Affordable

Studies say that only 1 out of 3 people see their dentist twice a year as recommended by the American Dental Association. Because over 40% of Americans do not have dental insurance, the number one reason for not visiting the dentist every six months is cost.

Preventive Concierge Dentistry

Designed for our uninsured patients, Dr. Ryan’s Concierge Dentistry is only $420 per year.

This unique approach offers you and your family an affordable option to get the oral care you need to maintain a healthy smile.

This is not insurance.

Concierge Dentistry Includes

  • 2 Professional dental cleanings
  • 2 Doctor exams at dental cleaning visits
  • 2 Oral cancer screenings
  • 1 Fluoride application
  • Any indicated 2-D X-rays
  • 1 Emergency care visit
  • 10% off all procedures performed in the practice, with no exceptions, limitations, or waiting periods
  • $50 annual credit applied toward any procedure, which accrues, if unused, each 12-month period you remain in the plan

Concierge Dentistry Limitations

  • Concierge Dentistry does not include any dental procedure that is not performed in our practice and any products dispensed in our practice for home use
  • Membership is valid for 12 months
  • Membership is not transferable
  • Services cannot be filed with dental insurance
  • No refunds
  • This is not an insurance plan

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